About the National Black Coalition of Canada – Edmonton chapter

Supporting all blacks in the Edmonton community, NBCC is the proud organizer of Black History Month 2018. Look out for our booklet of events (cover below) or contact us to request your copy!

The seeds of Black History Month were first sown in the United States in 1926 by an American historian named Carter G. Woodson

Black History Month Canada

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Almost twenty years passed before Canada officially recognized Black History Month. A motion to establish Black History Month in Canada was introduced to the Canadian Parliament by the Honorable Jean Augustine, who had made her own contribution to Black Canadian history as the first Black Canadian woman elected to Parliament. In December 1995, Ms. Augustine’s motion was carried unanimously by the House of Commons and Black History Month found a new home on the Canadian calendar.

Black Canadians have a remarkable history in Canada. More than escaped slaves, athletes, and entertainers, Black Canadians have been explorers, translators, soldiers, scholars, entrepreneurs, and community leaders starting from the time long before Confederation.

Black History Edmonton

Alberta has its own rich Black history, from the Black Americans who established farming communities like Amber Valley and Keystone (later named Breton) to now where our community continues to grown with productive & respective citizens just like other communities.

Black History Month

What is the event is about in Edmonton?

Black History Month Festival is an event in Edmonton that provides the sharing and promoting of Cultural Diversity and Education. The community at large is invited to learn, support & embrace Multiculturalism & Diversity towards enhancing community wellness. Events promote positive Cross Cultural Interaction, Cross Cultural Dialogue & Cross Cultural Engaging which encourages and supports the positives and successes of the Black Community. There will different showcase of several forms of performing arts, speeches, cultural exhibitions, and displays regarding Black History & its significance, at different events in during the month.

Who does this event support?

The events of Black History Month supports & promote community building which Fosters Good Citizenship and Honors the great Alberta & Canadian Multicultural Legacy.

What is your non-for profit organization?

We have been in existence since 1979. We are a registered non profit organization since 1985 and have been presenting Black History Month in Edmonton for over 27 years. During February we try to provide events that educate, promote and strengthen multiculturalism and diversity which enhances & nurtures the growth of a more culturally responsive community. Our history is Alberta & Canadian History & in order to build a multicultural society, it is important to interact, share and engage people of all cultures. Our events sets a healthy pace for Unity and Diversity which build bridges, fosters citizenship, good intercultural dialogue and strengthens diversity for all Canadians

How is Black History Month relevant to Alberta’s audience?

Alberta is a vastly Multicultural Province. Events provide Albertans with education, and gives more opportunity for learning and unity and show a higher level of participation and support for multiculturalism & diversity. Embracing multiculturalism is a fundamental characteristic of the Canadian heritage and identity. Multiculturalism is of high importance to the Alberta government. It is celebrating the gift of each other’s presence and working hard to respect pluralism and living in harmony.

Black History & Performing Arts (Stereotyping)

You might be wondering if Black History Month is only about Performing Arts. Note: It is through the arts that we are able to give expression to the many issues, events, and challenges that have impacted our community over time. Through art, writing, music, dance, theatre, and film, we explore the nature and scope of our “Black identity”. We question the stereotypes & challenge the ordinary; all in an effort to build upon and re-create a vibrant culture. The arts play a vital role in educating people about Black History.

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