2017 Rosalind Smith Professional Award Winner – Beatrice Ghettuba – K2Z Accounting

The Rosalind Smith Professional Award for Exceptional and Prolonged service working in a Profession


  • Kenya
  • Bachelor of Commerce: Accounting Major
  • IATA – Kenya Airways
  • Regional Manager
  • Finance Coordinator – Chartered Accountant- Risk Management
  • Counsel Financial Matters – Mentor
  • Workplace Norms – Employment References – Tax Law
  • Church & Community
  • Canadian Liberal Party
  • Community Organizer – Community Service
  • Council for Advancement of African Canadians


Born and raised in Kenya. She earned a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with an accounting major, & was accredited her CPA. Beatrice worked as Manager & Risk Management Officer for Kenya Airways & Regional Manager for International Air Transport, as the Regional Manager for Eastern Africa. Beatrice moved to Canada in 1998 & soon thereafter worked at Mac Ewan University for 10 years as a Chartered Professional Accountant & Risk Management professional. Shortly thereafter she started K2Z Accounting Associates an accounting firm, offering diverse services to businesses in Edmonton. Beatrice has received numerous Awards & Distinctions in the Professional Accounting & Business Profession.

Bernice has served as a counselor & mentor & has offered the opportunity for immigrants to get the Canadian experience & workplace norms. She references & supports immigrants to obtain employment. Beatrice ran as a Canadian Liberal candidate in St. Alberta in 2015. She did very well with a second place in the voting for that electoral district. Beatrice is an avid volunteer. She has been on the Board of Directors at the Africa Center & does multiple facet of work for the Edmonton African Canadian community & her church. She is part a founder for the Women’s Advocacy Voice group of Edmonton.

One of Beatrice’s favorite saying is that “she gives birth to a few, and nurtures many”.

2017 Rosalind Smith Professional Award Winner – Leta Montague

The Rosalind Smith Professional Award for Exceptional and Prolonged service working in a Profession


  • Jamaica
  • Bachelor of Arts – Spanish/English
  • Master of Arts Integrated Studies
  • Numerous Certificates
  • Instructor – Author – Literacy Tutor
  • Tokyo Metropolitan University
  • High School – University – New Immigrants
  • ESL & International Students Language Arts
  • Program Coordinator – Student Counsellor
  • Sustainable & Marketable Education
  • Mentoring Teen Girls
  • Church Activities – Community Work


Ms. Montague hails from the island of Jamaica. She is passionate about teaching & educating. She has a Bachelor of Arts with a major in the Spanish Language & Spanish Literature & a minor in English. She is currently working on her Master of Arts Integrated Studies. Ms. Montague is the champion of numerous certificates including; Language Teaching Methods, Teaching Reading Strategies, she holds a Management Development Certificate, a & Community Conferencing Facilitator Certificate. Ms. Montague has worked as an English Language & ESL Educator. She has worked as Program Coordinator/Trainer, Student Counselor, & instructed at the Tokyo Metropolitan University in Tokyo Japan for 3 years. Ms. Montague has given back to the community in numerous ways including, providing leadership, sustainable & marketable education to women, she has planned implemented & coordinated programs for non-profit groups, women & teen groups. She has held various roles in her church community. Ms. Montague is an avid reader & has authored two (2) books. God’s Grace & Open Wound Open Heart – & The Freedom of Forgiveness.

2016 Rosalind Smith Professional Award Winner – Keli Tamaklo

The Rosalind Smith Professional Award for Exceptional and Prolonged service working in a Profession


  • Born in Ghana West Africa
  • Visionary Leader
  • Government Administration
  • Principal Advisor
  • MBA
  • Aboriginal & Global Health Research
  • Director of Finance
  • Financial Consultant
  • World Traveler
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Tribal Council
  • Edmonton Police Commissioner
  • Ghana Friendship Association of Edmonton


2015 Rosalind Smith Professional Award Winner – Rev. Cr. Adenike Yesufu (CCC)

The Rosalind Smith Professional Award for Exceptional and Prolonged service working in a Profession

Rev. Cr. Adenike Yesufu (CCC)

  • 1996 – Arrived in Canada
  • 1996-2000 Doctoral Student at the University of Alberta (Faculty of Education)
  • PhD International/Intercultural Education
  • 2002 Certificate in Women Counseling
  • 2010 Certified Counselor of Canada (CCC)
  • Post secondary instructor since 2001
  • Facilitator/Trainer for various community organizations
  • Public Speaker
  • Vice President of the Nigeria Association of Canada Edmonton
  • Peer Lead Counselor/Board Member
  • Monthly writer for
  • Ordained Deacon of the Anglican Church of Canada
  • Has received awards from Grant MacEwan University and the Nigerian Canadian Friendship Society of Alberta