2017 Mary Burlie Award Winner – Meheret Worku

The Mary Burlie Award for effective program/and or services to the Black Community & or Community at large



  • Ethiopia
  • 2 University Degrees
  • Teaching – Community Development
  • Devotion to Community
  • Out of School Time Program
  • Mentorship
  • Women Conversation Café
  • Women Initiative
  • Women Advocacy Voice of Edmonton
  • Promote Leadership Development
  • SEEDS – Co Founder
  • Edmonton Ethiopian Community Association
  • Educational – Community Services
  • Counsel for the Advancement of African Canadians


Ms. Worku is a teacher with Edmonton Public School Board, she hold 2 degrees. As a teacher she engages & advocates for families & their children so that their voices are heard & their needs met. Ms.Workhu has extensive background which intersects teaching, community development, social investment, non- profit & municipal leadership and she has been a promoter for individuals, groups, communities for years. Ms. Worku has sat on a number of boards & is an active member/volunteer for initiatives such as Out of School Time Program, Mentorship for African Youth Projects, Women Conversation Cafes, Women Initiative at the Africa Center of Edmonton.

Ms. Workhu has been active with Women’s Advocacy Voice by the city of Edmonton. She has countless hours of work & roles with the Ethopian Canadians Community Association of Edmonton. Along with her husband they started the “Eye of the Horn Project which focused on helping children stay in school. The program is now called SEEDS of Alberta & has expanded to work with 80 families in Ethiopia.

Meheret has worked deliberately to include communities of various linguistic, cultural and religious backgrounds, using her expertise to create caring partnerships. She has nurtured relationships across communities, & has helped immensely to strengthen the social connections that are essential to sustain dynamic neighborhoods and resilient communities.


2017 Rosalind Smith Professional Award Winner – Beatrice Ghettuba – K2Z Accounting

The Rosalind Smith Professional Award for Exceptional and Prolonged service working in a Profession


  • Kenya
  • Bachelor of Commerce: Accounting Major
  • IATA – Kenya Airways
  • Regional Manager
  • Finance Coordinator – Chartered Accountant- Risk Management
  • Counsel Financial Matters – Mentor
  • Workplace Norms – Employment References – Tax Law
  • Church & Community
  • Canadian Liberal Party
  • Community Organizer – Community Service
  • Council for Advancement of African Canadians


Born and raised in Kenya. She earned a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with an accounting major, & was accredited her CPA. Beatrice worked as Manager & Risk Management Officer for Kenya Airways & Regional Manager for International Air Transport, as the Regional Manager for Eastern Africa. Beatrice moved to Canada in 1998 & soon thereafter worked at Mac Ewan University for 10 years as a Chartered Professional Accountant & Risk Management professional. Shortly thereafter she started K2Z Accounting Associates an accounting firm, offering diverse services to businesses in Edmonton. Beatrice has received numerous Awards & Distinctions in the Professional Accounting & Business Profession.

Bernice has served as a counselor & mentor & has offered the opportunity for immigrants to get the Canadian experience & workplace norms. She references & supports immigrants to obtain employment. Beatrice ran as a Canadian Liberal candidate in St. Alberta in 2015. She did very well with a second place in the voting for that electoral district. Beatrice is an avid volunteer. She has been on the Board of Directors at the Africa Center & does multiple facet of work for the Edmonton African Canadian community & her church. She is part a founder for the Women’s Advocacy Voice group of Edmonton.

One of Beatrice’s favorite saying is that “she gives birth to a few, and nurtures many”.

2017 Rosalind Smith Professional Award Winner – Leta Montague

The Rosalind Smith Professional Award for Exceptional and Prolonged service working in a Profession


  • Jamaica
  • Bachelor of Arts – Spanish/English
  • Master of Arts Integrated Studies
  • Numerous Certificates
  • Instructor – Author – Literacy Tutor
  • Tokyo Metropolitan University
  • High School – University – New Immigrants
  • ESL & International Students Language Arts
  • Program Coordinator – Student Counsellor
  • Sustainable & Marketable Education
  • Mentoring Teen Girls
  • Church Activities – Community Work


Ms. Montague hails from the island of Jamaica. She is passionate about teaching & educating. She has a Bachelor of Arts with a major in the Spanish Language & Spanish Literature & a minor in English. She is currently working on her Master of Arts Integrated Studies. Ms. Montague is the champion of numerous certificates including; Language Teaching Methods, Teaching Reading Strategies, she holds a Management Development Certificate, a & Community Conferencing Facilitator Certificate. Ms. Montague has worked as an English Language & ESL Educator. She has worked as Program Coordinator/Trainer, Student Counselor, & instructed at the Tokyo Metropolitan University in Tokyo Japan for 3 years. Ms. Montague has given back to the community in numerous ways including, providing leadership, sustainable & marketable education to women, she has planned implemented & coordinated programs for non-profit groups, women & teen groups. She has held various roles in her church community. Ms. Montague is an avid reader & has authored two (2) books. God’s Grace & Open Wound Open Heart – & The Freedom of Forgiveness.

2017 Rosalind Smith Business Award Winner – Donna Chen – Tim Hortons

The Rosalind Smith Award for Exceptional and prolonged Service from individuals or group from the Black Community Owning and Running a Business.


  • Jamaica
  • Entrepreneur – Canada
  • 30 years – Service Industry
  • Tim Hortons
  • Invermere BC – 3 Leduc Restaurants
  • Foreign Workers Program
  • Rotarian – Rise Up Society
  • Focus on Possibilities – Goal Setting
  • Grow in Confidence – Full Potential
  • Family Resource Center


Ms. Chen was born in Jamaica West Indies. Through her determination she propelled into becoming a successful entrepreneur in Canada. For well over 30 years, Ms. Chen has occupied several offices at varying level of the service industry. In 2006 she realized her long time goal of owning her own business. She became an owner & operator of a Tim Hortons, Canada’s in Invermere B.C. She now owns 3 Tim Hortons locations in Leduc. Donna is a firm believer in clear goal setting.

In 2009 she was one of the first franchise owners in Canada to utilize the Foreign Workers Program. She created an opportunity for hard working Jamaicans back home to come to Canada and build the economy here. She served as Rotarian in Inveremere BC. & has done significant work with the Family Resource Centre, where she serves on the Board of Directors. The desire to serve women facing particular challenges in our communities is very important to her.

She currently serves on the board of “Rise-up Society” Alberta in Leduc. The goal is to bring hope & healing to those impacted by domestic abuse. She serves as an Ambassador for Tim Hortons Foundation which enables over 19,000 children to attend camp each year. Her focus continues to be on,” possibilities not problems”. This mindset has aided to cement her in the Dias-pora of time as a strong Black Woman. A quote she often shares is that “The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not fighting the old, but on building the new”.


2017 Rosalind Smith Business Award Winner – Dorian Andrews – AAA Striping

The Rosalind Smith Award for Exceptional and prolonged Service from individuals or group from the Black Community Owning and Running a Business.


  • Summer 1981
  • Founder
  • Family Business
  • President
  • Business Management
  • Passion & Vision
  • Knowledge & Responsibilities
  • Current Employees
  • Gives Back to the Community
  • Role Model


Mr. Andrews graduated from Laurinburg, College in North Carolina with a B.A. in Business Management. His father Mr. Edward Andrews is the founder of Triple A striping, operating in Edmonton for 36 years. He believed in laying the foundation for his children & future generations. During summer months Dorian worked alongside his dad & learned all aspect of the business.

On graduation he entered the company full time. He soon became the Manager of a division which brought the most revenue to the overall financial success of the company. For 16 years he worked as part of the team responsible for directing the vision, and development of the company with his father & older brother, past President Kwame Andrews. The unexpected & tragic passing of Kwame in 2014 changed some things, and not Dorian & his dad’s passion & vision for the company.

Dorian is now the President of Triple A, providing mentorship & role models. Dorian has successfully worked in many roles within the company & has sound knowledge in the business. Triple A Striping feels it is important to give back to the community & is proud to be involved among others with the Kidney foundation, Winnifred Steward Foundation, Edmonton Food Bank & Mustard Seed Society. Dorian is married to Aimee & they are the proud parents of 3 year old A-ria & Dorian Jr. 18 months. Dorian serves as a good role model for young people in our community.



2017 Rosalind Smith Business Award Winner – Andrea Bailey-Brown – Jiffy Lube

The Rosalind Smith Award for Exceptional and prolonged Service from individuals or group from the Black Community Owning and Running a Business.


  • Education – French – German

  • Edmonton Public School
  • Running Own Business
  • Entrepreneur
  • Silpada Designs Jewellry
  • Largest Team Across Canada – 450 Representatives
  • National Conference – Star Director
  • New Business Developer
  • Recruiter 2013
  • Jiffy Lubes
  • MBA


Andrea was born in Jamaica West Indies. She has a Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Alberta with a major in French, and a minor in German. She was a classroom teacher with Edmonton Public Schools for 18 years, until she resigned to pursue her business dream of running her own business. Giving up job security was not an easy decision. Andrea became an Entrepreneur because she enjoys being in control of her work life and making her own business decisions. Andrea is an independent representative of Sterling Silver Silpada Design Jewelry.

Through networking she has built one of the largest teams across Canada with over 450 representatives. Andrea has spoken at National Conferences with over 800 women in attendance. Her team was recognized for having sales in excess of 1.3 million dollars. Silpada gives back to the community by supporting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation & has donated more than 1.7 million since 2004. Andrea became the first Silpada Star Director in Western Canada. She received the number 1 New Business Developer award in 2013. Andrea continues to thrive in Business & along with her husband Alrick Brown they are the owner/ operator of 3 Jiffy Lube fast oil franchise 2 locations in Edmonton & 1 in Beaumont. Andrea has returned to University to complete a MBA to become a more efficient business owner.




2017 NBCC Youth Award Winner – Megah Tornwe

The NBCC Youth Award for achieving academic excellence & or delivering exceptional programs and services in any area of the Black Community or society at large.


  • Born in Nigeria
  • Sociology – Criminology – Psychology
  • Human Rights
  • Community Organizations
  • 2Bros Lawn Services
  • Youth Empowerment Group
  • Youth Advocate 2015
  • Criminal Justice System
  • High Risk Youth Outreach
  • Edmonton Police Service
  • Youth Transit Access Program
  • Native Youth Justice Committee
  • Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Minister of Heritage
  • Anti-Black Racism
  • Engage African Youth


Megah was born in Nigeria and immigrated to Edmonton with his family at the age of 8 years. He is a graduate of Mac Ewan University with a Major in Sociology, with a Criminology specialization & a minor in Psychology.

He believes that humans fail from not removing certain stumbling blocks that caused the difficulty in the first place. Me-gah started to participate on boards of various student bodies, professional groups & community organizations dealing with human rights & community activism. He revitalized the African-Caribbean Club that grew to 175 members while at Mac Ewan. While in school Me-gah worked part time as a Project Coordinator at St. John’s Institute . He coordinated the delivery of the Africa Centre’s youth mentorship, youth rights & after school programming. In his current role as a Youth Advocate/High Risk Worker, he is responsible for the effective delivery of programming to isolate factors influencing re-cid-iv-ism rate & employment barriers, faced by young people attributed to past criminal behavior.

He is an active volunteer with numerous committees including Youth Transit Access Program & Afro Quiz. He is a Community Outreach Worker for his RCCG Rhema Church. He volunteers with the Edmonton Coalition for Human Rights & has made tremendous strides towards the education & engagement of the black community. In 2016 he acted as a delegate on behalf of the African Community at a roundtable discussion with the Minister of Heritage. He is the acting secretary of the Edmonton Native Youth Justice Committee, Me-gah is a firm believer in the philosophy that “No generation should ever start from scratch” & we must lay down proper foundations to guide forthcoming generations.


2017 NBCC Youth Award Winner – Dunia Nur

The NBCC Youth Award for achieving academic excellence & or delivering exceptional programs and services in any area of the Black Community or society at large.


  • Born in Somalia
  • MacEwan & Norquest
  • 5 years Community Development
  • Sharing Circles – WrapEd Project
  • Community Sustainability – Social Equity
  • First Nations- Immigrant-Refugees
  • Native Youth Justice Committee
  • Community Development Project
  • Youth Empowerment Support Services
  • African & Ethno-cultural Communities
  • Anti-Oppression Practice
  • Youth Voices & Choices
  • Community Engagement Approach


Ms. Nur was born in Somalia, & immigrated to Canada with her family.
She graduated from Mac Ewan University with a Bachelor of Child & Youth Care Degree and a Social Work Diploma with a multi-cultural focus from Norquest University. Ms. Nur has over 5 years of community development experience, & creating social capital in the form of civic engagement, psycho-educational groups, mentorship programs, facilitating sharing circles & always working towards community sustainability focusing on social equity. Ms. Nur is currently supervising the WrapEd Federal project in partnership with 5 non-profit organizations. The focus is on First Nations, immigrant & refugee youth who are at risk of engaging in gang activity. She has volunteered for the Edmonton Native Justice Committee & has been a Human Rights Advocate for Amnesty International Edmonton.

Dunia is also coordinating the mentorship program at the Africa Center which focuses on fostering healthy relationships, professional development, healing interactions & to empower youth from the African & ethno—cultural communities. Dunia is inspired by bringing people together from the community to identify common challenges and provide collective solutions.
Ubantu…”I AM because we ARE”


2017 Fil Fraser Award Winner – Diversity Magazine

The Fil Fraser Award is presented to an individual or group who has done outstanding work in literary, performing and/or visual Arts


  • Founded in 2012
  • Engineer by Trade – from Cameroon
  • 2010 Afro Canadian Heroes Award
  • Diverse Community Stories 
  • Diversity Award  
  • Launch of Diversity Calgary 
  • 1000 Stories Sustainability
  • Consultants & Communication 
  • Community Events  
  • 40,000 Readers
  • Business Recognition Award


Diversity Magazine then called the, Afro Canadian Magazine was founded by Mr. Frankline Agbor in 2012, as a means to take Afro trade shows and Awards to the wider community that could not attend events.

Diversity Magazine is made up of a team of Frankline, Gisele, Lisa, Albert, Jud, Ibraheem, Debra, Wati, Kerry-Lynn, Adam, Fahad, Harriet, Essenam Shima, Dave, Aimee & Jill. The magazine shares diverse community stores in Alberta in print & on line. In 2016 the Diversity Award was started to celebrate Alberta’s Diversity & on March 31st the Magazine was launched in Calgary. Frankline has written over a thousand stores on sustainability.

He has celebrated over a hundred people through his awards. He has given countless presentations & consultations on communication, and he has trained communication & marketing students. The Diversity magazine platform is one of the fastest growing in diverse Alberta. It brings diverse voices, contents, products, services & organizations to you, & over 40,000 readers on all platforms. Diversity has been profiled in the Edmonton Journal, Sun, Examiner, Global TV, CTV, City TV, CBC Edmonton & in NBCC’s Black History Month Booklet. In 2016 Diversity was awarded the Alberta Avenue Business Award & the ERIEC 2016 Partnership Award. Frankline is originally from Cameroon & he has been profiled in, “50 years of Impact”, a Biographical Dictionary of Canadians of Cameroon Origin.



2017 Clarence “Big” Miller Award Winner – Mboya Nicholson

The Clarence “Big” Miller Award is for demonstrating excellence in music (vocal, instrumental performance, composition or instructions

  • Born in Edmonton, Alberta 
  • Studied Classical Piano 
  • Jazz Piano Grant MacEwan  
  • University of New Orleans
  • Studied With Notable Figures
  • Master’s Degree
  • Performed with Jazz Greats
  • Solo – Wynton Marsalis
  • Genres: Jazz – Blues – Ragtime
  • Guadeloupe – Austria – Japan
  • Composer – Accomplished Pianist 

Jazz pianist M. Mboya Nicholson was born in Edmonton, where as a child he studied classical piano & developed an interest in Jazz music. After studying jazz piano at Mac Ewan University he began performing at city Jazz festivals and presenting concerts. In 1999 he began studying at the University of New Orleans & did so for 7 years. He earned a Master’s Degree. His studied with some of the most notable figures of Jazz including pianist, Ellis Marsalis Jr. & composer/music/producer Harold
Batt-ist. His studies afforded him performances in many places including, Guadeloupe, Brazil, Austria & Japan. He has performed for the Ambassador to the Vatican, the Counsel General of the Netherlands and in 1998 he was chosen to perform solo with trumpet great, Wynton Marsalis.
Mr. Nicolson is aware of the importance of exposing jazz to young audiences & he gives back to the community by performing jazz workshops for children @ the Winspear Center. He has written & composed numerous albums & as a composer he is influenced by the Caribbean & American standards.
All of Mr. Nicholson’s musical endeavours have been led by an underlying philosophy. “Good music is always in the present tense”.
And it’s his responsibility to make people feel that energy.