2015 Fil Fraser Award Winner – Sangea African Performance Group

The Fil Fraser Award is presented to an individual or group who has done outstanding work in literary, performing and/or visual Arts

Sangea African Performance Group

  • Formed in December 2012
  • Currently has 17 Members
  • Performs rhythms and songs from West Africa
  • Aims to share and preserve Latin & African culture
  • Uses music to build cultural bridges in the community
  • Has performed at many educational institutions and community events
  • Proudly shares African culture wherever they go
  • Actively supports HIV Awareness & Breast Cancer Programs
  • Winners of the Afro Canadian Hero Artist of The Year
    (2014) & Excellent Community Initiative Group Award by Action for Healthy Communities (2013-2014)


2015 Rosalind Smith Professional Award Winner – Rev. Cr. Adenike Yesufu (CCC)

The Rosalind Smith Professional Award for Exceptional and Prolonged service working in a Profession

Rev. Cr. Adenike Yesufu (CCC)

  • 1996 – Arrived in Canada
  • 1996-2000 Doctoral Student at the University of Alberta (Faculty of Education)
  • PhD International/Intercultural Education
  • 2002 Certificate in Women Counseling
  • 2010 Certified Counselor of Canada (CCC)
  • Post secondary instructor since 2001
  • Facilitator/Trainer for various community organizations
  • Public Speaker
  • Vice President of the Nigeria Association of Canada Edmonton
  • Peer Lead Counselor/Board Member
  • Monthly writer for nigeriaworld.com
  • Ordained Deacon of the Anglican Church of Canada
  • Has received awards from Grant MacEwan University and the Nigerian Canadian Friendship Society of Alberta


2015 Rosalind Smith Business Award Winner – Frank Barnett

The Rosalind Smith Award for Exceptional and prolonged Service from individuals or group from the Black Community Owning and Running a Business.

Frank Barnett

  • Transportation services business owner in Jamaica.
  • Owned & operated passenger buses
  • 1994 – Migrated to Canada
  • Began working in the transportation of Goods & Services
  • 2005 – Created Discount Express Courier Service
  • 10 years of business
  • Has a clientele of over 70 local businesses
  • Has a fleet of 4 trucks and 4 employees
  • Jamaica Association of Northern Alberta Vice President
  • Consistently volunteers within the community


2015 NBCC Youth Award Winner – Morenike E. Olaosebikan

The NBCC Youth Award for achieving academic excellence & or delivering exceptional programs and services in any area of the Black Community or society at large.

Morenike E. Olaosebikan

  • Born in Nigeria
  • 2003 – Arrived in Canada
  • BSc in General Biological Sciences
    GPA – 3.8/4.0
  • BSc Pharm (First Call Honors) Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Qualified as a pharmacist at age 25
  • Associate owner of Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Teacher/Lecturer of Pharmacy
  • Has had various publications
  • Founded and established Ribbon Rouge in 2006 to fund raise for HIV Awareness
  • Ribbon Rouge has raised over $30,000
  • Owner Arewa Fashion


2015 Clarence “Big” Miller Award Winner – Ian Alleyne

The Clarence “Big” Miller Award is for demonstrating excellence in music (vocal, instrumental performance, composition or instructions

Ian Alleyne

  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Grew up singing and playing the piano
  • Created an Acapella Quintet Band called TRIO in high school
  • Created “The Hi-phoniqs”, released album in 2002
  • Current member of Superband
  • Released solo album under stage name: Fendercase
  • Album nominated for: Western Canadian Music Award (Best R&B Recording), Mayor’s Emerging Artist Award
  • The album won Best R&B/Pop Record at the inaugural Edmonton Music Awards
  • Has worked with The United Way on recent promotional campaigns


2015 James Bell Award Winner – Mr. Qedamandla (Amandla) Ngwenya

The James Bell Award is for Personal Achievement and Courage against Challenging Odds.


  • Born in Zimbabwe
  • Teaching Degree
  • Was forced into hiding
  • 2001- Arrived in Montreal, QC
  • Found little value with teaching degree in Canada
  • 2004 – Arrived in Edmonton, AB
  • Completed IT Specialist Training
    Is now a successful professional in the field
  • Actively gives back to the community
  • Soccer coach for immigrant youths stressing the importance of education and life skills
  • Raised funds for registration fees and uniforms
  • 6 boys have received scholarships
  • Ubuntu FC
  • Has coordinated the All Africa Soccer Tournaments for 7 years


2015 Mary Burlie Award Winner – Jeannette Austin-Odina

The Mary Burlie Award for effective program/and or services to the Black Community & or Community at large

Jeannette Austin-Odina

  • Has lived in Canada for 48 years
  • Teacher Consultant with Edmonton Public School
  • Registered Social Worker
  • Dedicated & persistent champion – Black Community
  • President Council of Canadians of African & Caribbean Heritage CCACH
  • CCACH Tutorial Services & Saturday School
  • Mentoring & Supporting Black Youth
  • Organized Certified Teachers
  • Feed the Community @ Thanksgiving
  • Job Training – Churches – Prayer Warrior
  • Black Achievement Humanitarian Award
  • University of Alberta African Student Award
  • Benefit the disenfranchised
  • Create change in our community