2017 Rosalind Smith Business Award Winner – Andrea Bailey-Brown – Jiffy Lube

The Rosalind Smith Award for Exceptional and prolonged Service from individuals or group from the Black Community Owning and Running a Business.


  • Education – French – German

  • Edmonton Public School
  • Running Own Business
  • Entrepreneur
  • Silpada Designs Jewellry
  • Largest Team Across Canada – 450 Representatives
  • National Conference – Star Director
  • New Business Developer
  • Recruiter 2013
  • Jiffy Lubes
  • MBA


Andrea was born in Jamaica West Indies. She has a Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Alberta with a major in French, and a minor in German. She was a classroom teacher with Edmonton Public Schools for 18 years, until she resigned to pursue her business dream of running her own business. Giving up job security was not an easy decision. Andrea became an Entrepreneur because she enjoys being in control of her work life and making her own business decisions. Andrea is an independent representative of Sterling Silver Silpada Design Jewelry.

Through networking she has built one of the largest teams across Canada with over 450 representatives. Andrea has spoken at National Conferences with over 800 women in attendance. Her team was recognized for having sales in excess of 1.3 million dollars. Silpada gives back to the community by supporting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation & has donated more than 1.7 million since 2004. Andrea became the first Silpada Star Director in Western Canada. She received the number 1 New Business Developer award in 2013. Andrea continues to thrive in Business & along with her husband Alrick Brown they are the owner/ operator of 3 Jiffy Lube fast oil franchise 2 locations in Edmonton & 1 in Beaumont. Andrea has returned to University to complete a MBA to become a more efficient business owner.




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