2017 NBCC Youth Award Winner – Megah Tornwe

The NBCC Youth Award for achieving academic excellence & or delivering exceptional programs and services in any area of the Black Community or society at large.


  • Born in Nigeria
  • Sociology – Criminology – Psychology
  • Human Rights
  • Community Organizations
  • 2Bros Lawn Services
  • Youth Empowerment Group
  • Youth Advocate 2015
  • Criminal Justice System
  • High Risk Youth Outreach
  • Edmonton Police Service
  • Youth Transit Access Program
  • Native Youth Justice Committee
  • Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Minister of Heritage
  • Anti-Black Racism
  • Engage African Youth


Megah was born in Nigeria and immigrated to Edmonton with his family at the age of 8 years. He is a graduate of Mac Ewan University with a Major in Sociology, with a Criminology specialization & a minor in Psychology.

He believes that humans fail from not removing certain stumbling blocks that caused the difficulty in the first place. Me-gah started to participate on boards of various student bodies, professional groups & community organizations dealing with human rights & community activism. He revitalized the African-Caribbean Club that grew to 175 members while at Mac Ewan. While in school Me-gah worked part time as a Project Coordinator at St. John’s Institute . He coordinated the delivery of the Africa Centre’s youth mentorship, youth rights & after school programming. In his current role as a Youth Advocate/High Risk Worker, he is responsible for the effective delivery of programming to isolate factors influencing re-cid-iv-ism rate & employment barriers, faced by young people attributed to past criminal behavior.

He is an active volunteer with numerous committees including Youth Transit Access Program & Afro Quiz. He is a Community Outreach Worker for his RCCG Rhema Church. He volunteers with the Edmonton Coalition for Human Rights & has made tremendous strides towards the education & engagement of the black community. In 2016 he acted as a delegate on behalf of the African Community at a roundtable discussion with the Minister of Heritage. He is the acting secretary of the Edmonton Native Youth Justice Committee, Me-gah is a firm believer in the philosophy that “No generation should ever start from scratch” & we must lay down proper foundations to guide forthcoming generations.


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