2017 NBCC Youth Award Winner – Dunia Nur

The NBCC Youth Award for achieving academic excellence & or delivering exceptional programs and services in any area of the Black Community or society at large.


  • Born in Somalia
  • MacEwan & Norquest
  • 5 years Community Development
  • Sharing Circles – WrapEd Project
  • Community Sustainability – Social Equity
  • First Nations- Immigrant-Refugees
  • Native Youth Justice Committee
  • Community Development Project
  • Youth Empowerment Support Services
  • African & Ethno-cultural Communities
  • Anti-Oppression Practice
  • Youth Voices & Choices
  • Community Engagement Approach


Ms. Nur was born in Somalia, & immigrated to Canada with her family.
She graduated from Mac Ewan University with a Bachelor of Child & Youth Care Degree and a Social Work Diploma with a multi-cultural focus from Norquest University. Ms. Nur has over 5 years of community development experience, & creating social capital in the form of civic engagement, psycho-educational groups, mentorship programs, facilitating sharing circles & always working towards community sustainability focusing on social equity. Ms. Nur is currently supervising the WrapEd Federal project in partnership with 5 non-profit organizations. The focus is on First Nations, immigrant & refugee youth who are at risk of engaging in gang activity. She has volunteered for the Edmonton Native Justice Committee & has been a Human Rights Advocate for Amnesty International Edmonton.

Dunia is also coordinating the mentorship program at the Africa Center which focuses on fostering healthy relationships, professional development, healing interactions & to empower youth from the African & ethno—cultural communities. Dunia is inspired by bringing people together from the community to identify common challenges and provide collective solutions.
Ubantu…”I AM because we ARE”


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